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André Calaça

Planning Analyst

and Compliance

Silvânia City Hall


"EPHealth brought efficiency in the blink of an eye, as you just log in and in a second I can see the information I need."

Katia Oliveira

Secretariat Technician

of health

Edealina City Hall


"EPHealth meant a breakthrough for Edealina !."

Douglas Alves


Secretary of Health

Jandaia City Hall


"The ePHealth system guarantees a solution for both the manager and the Community Health Agent, which is cheap and effective"

George Muniz


Attention Coordinator

Basic City Hall

of Santa Quiteria


"EPHealth brought data agility and security to Santa Quitéria."

Data Hygiene

Retrieval of the registration history linked to an automated process for cleaning the database.

It is common to see in many municipalities a database that presents problems in the registrations, either due to invalid or nonexistent information. Knowing this, we created an automated system to clean this data and create a secure information base.

Free ACS App

Number 1 in Brazil, the application that facilitates and encourages the work of Community Health Agents.

Fully integrated with the Ministry of Health, PEC eSUS / AB systems, the ACS App is more than a data collection tool, it is the health agent's best friend. Practical and sustainable, it avoids the use of paper and the loss of files. In addition, the application offers agility in service and greater security in the collection of information.


Available for Android.

EP-Prefectures Platform

Intuitive system, ideal for managers, doctors and nurses, accessible by computers, tablets or smartphones. Complete reports, integrated with

the Ministry of Health.

Primary health specialist, the platform

eP-Prefectures is the base of the health system pyramid. In addition to improving the public sector's working hours by enabling solid management, we deliver more assertive and safer solutions to the population.

Scientific production

In partnership with researchers and institutions of international recognition, we contribute to the formulation of public policies.

Generating secure and up-to-date information, ePHealth technology plays an important role in participating in the academic research area to assist municipalities in health strategies.

Our CEO talks about the importance of the Community Health Agent



To play this social role even more safely

and responsibility, ePHealth, has the support of large companies operating in the Innovation and Health market:


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Monitored Lives

20 milhões

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Health Agents

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Centro de Inovação ACATE

Rod. José Carlos Daux, 4150, sala 04 -  MIDI Tecnológico

Saco Grande, Florianópolis, SC, CEP: 88032-005